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Manage The Change In Your Life, Before It Manages You - By Alma Wellbeing

Updated: May 23, 2021

“The Only Constant In Life Is Change”.- Heraclitus

Life doesn't always go as planned, sometimes the change is intentional and at other times it’s what life has planned for us. Whether it is Covid-19, moving to a new city, losing a family member, starting a new career, getting married, or ending a relationship, either way, change can be overwhelming for some of us.

However, there are a few things that one can do to manage change in life effectively rather than getting lost in the process:

Set Realistic Goals

The key to managing change is to set realistic goals for yourself. For example, if you are trying to lose 40 lbs, instead of focusing on losing the 40 lbs target losing 5 lbs at a time. Figure out the lifestyle changes that you can make that are sustainable and will support your goal. Always remember when you accumulate small but consistent habits you achieve unimaginable results. Take the baby steps and don’t rush. Think of creating sustainability rather than drastic changes.

Live In The Present

It is ok to have those wishful moments of what it could have been but it’s even better when you remind yourself why you are in your current situation in the first place. Once you can ground yourself into the present moment, you can strategize for yourself the best course of action to move forward. Review your current situation without any judgments. Then be honest about what you are grateful for in your situation and the things you are not comfortable with. Under any circumstances, we always have plenty to be grateful for and once you feel the gratitude you can always think of a way to change things that you are not so comfortable with.

Find Balance In Your Routine

Another essential factor that plays into effectively managing change is keeping your mental, physical and spiritual health in check. Check-in with yourself if you are getting enough exercise or if you are at peace mentally and the things you are doing to ground yourself spiritually. Look for ways to create that balance in your well-being. Eating healthy, exercising often, meditating, practicing yoga, self-care, practicing creativity are some simple ways that you can practice to find a balance in your mind, body, and soul.

Be Patient

Don’t rush!!! Take one day at a time or sometimes even an hour at a time if you have to. Be patient and kind to yourself. Remind yourself often that you are doing the best that you can. Surround yourself with positive like-minded people. Create a support group, have a coach or mentor that will help you stay on track, and encourage you to move forward.

Whether you like it or not but change is inevitable. Rather than being in fear, think of ways how you can rise from it, think of the best course of action that you can take in your current situation. You always have the option to be positive and explore the opportunities that life has presented to you.

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