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The Not-To-Do List For Anxiety By Alma Wellbeing

Let’s face it! no matter how much we think we have got it all under control, we all experience anxiety at some point. And there are some who go through it every day. Whether you are among the first lot or the latter here are a few things that you can avoid to ease the uneasy feeling.

Overthinking Is A Trap

It's easier said than done but once you shift your focus on solving the problem and become mindful of the situation your anxiety will reduce by a ton.

You can do this by simply becoming aware of the situation as it is without attaching judgments to it. Ask yourself what is the best that you can do to resolve the situation and focus on that. Staying in the present will make you worry less about the mind-made negative outcomes.

Nicotine Is Bad

Smoking is never a good idea in general but it's worse when you are stressed. Higher nicotine levels in your bloodstream will keep you up and will only make you more anxious.

Avoid smoking even if it's a vape and try to replace it with drinking water or chewing gum.

Stress Eating

We often find our escape in food and why shouldn’t we as it’s tasty and convenient. But the after-effects are not so good. Stick to your routine of healthy eating. Rather, try to prepare your meals at home (if you have time), for some cooking is a form of therapy.

Skipping Gym

It’s hard to pick up yourself when you are mentally bogged down but this is where your willpower comes into play. If you feel that you have no strength to push some weights or go to that CrossFit class go for an outdoor walk. If you are finding it hard to go for a walk even ask a friend to join you. Exercise is one of the best ways that you can do to lower your anxiety.

Avoid Toxic People

Spend your energy on people that lift your spirits. Avoid pessimistic people who will drain your energy even further no matter how exciting they seem to be.

Not Giving Yourself The Me Time

Last but not least as you are already going through a hard time don’t be hard on yourself. Prioritize your needs, and plan self-care activities for yourself. Do more of what will lift your mood and overall wellbeing.

Self-care will slow you down and allow you to relax and take the time you need for yourself.

Always remember, “the only constant in life is change”, and you won’t feel this way forever. All you have to do is to try to shift your focus little by little every day to pull yourself out of this rut to be the best version of yourself.

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