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Are You Ready To Start Your Life Again?

We all go through times in our lives when we encounter unexpected trauma and experiences that throw us off balance. However, as time passes by and the memory becomes distant at one point or another you do want to start picking up the pieces of yourself again to get back to life. No matter what you have been through and how drastically your life has changed. Loss of a partner, losing a job, death of a dear friend or a relative, or any other major or minor life-altering experience; the real question is are you ready to get back to life yet?

If so! This blog post is going to help you with some amazing and authentic tips on how you can start coming back to life :

Start with eating healthy

There is no doubt that whenever we go through a rough time in our lives we ignore our health. In 2016, researchers found that a diet with a high glycemic load may cause increased symptoms of depression and fatigue. Which is why it is important to start with a clean diet when you are starting fresh.

Besides, the cooking process within itself can be an enjoyable experience for some people.

A well-balanced diet means getting the right balance between different foods. For most people, a well-balanced diet is one that is low in fat, sugar, and salt, and high in fiber. Your diet should also contain enough protein and a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

Sweat or walk

It is amazing if you can get back in the gym and start sweating out those endorphins. Though, it is quite possible that if you are recovering from a tragedy, you probably won’t feel the mental or physical strength to go for an intense workout in which case it is highly recommended to start with baby steps.

Start with a 30 minutes walk, or a yin class if you are a yoga person alternatively you can hit the pool or any workout that is suggested for beginners and intermediate strengths.

Pick up where you left off

It is all about restructuring yourself again, piece by piece, and step by step. Pick up an old hobby where you left off before all this had happened. Is there a book on your bedside that you left in the middle and you never got to finish? Were there any Netflix series that you were religiously following before life started it’s own show starring you? Or were you taking a skydiving course that you left incomplete? In your own time decide for yourself to finish these incomplete leisure tasks that will help you to come back to your routine.

Take a step back

In midst of this chaos and upheaval, it is essential to step back from everything and not to let it consume you completely. A few simple tips to help you to do that is to wake up in the morning and while you are still in your bed sit-up and stretch your arms above your head take a deep breath and really visualize that breath traveling through your organs and deeply exhale to let go of whatever you are holding onto and is not serving you. Look at this new day as an opportunity to start over and be thankful for being able to start your day wherever you are. Meditation before bedtime is a wonderful tool as it helps to calm the parasympathetic nervous system which results in a peaceful sleep and helps to reduce stress.

In a nutshell, it is not easy to go through with what you go through but there are things that you can do which will help you to go through with your healing process. Undoubtedly, your loss is unbearable but there are people around you who you mean so much to and there is a life that is waiting to be explored.

We all have hopes and dreams and sometimes when they are dashed we project that life is not on our side, it is those times that require our real strength to get back on the track for ourselves and the ones we love.

(in memory of our loved ones)

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