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Work-Life Balance for Working Moms

"While managing so many different fronts, she needs to remember to be there for herself".

Though all mothers are superheroes, it is a little more super and challenging when you are a working mom juggling a professional life, personal life, mommy and me life, and a social life. Kudos to those who have been doing it so well!

While managing so many different fronts, she needs to remember to be there for herself. It is essential for working moms to achieve a work-life balance to maintain their well-being. This helps with creating a harmonious balance between personal and professional life.

Adversely, giving too much attention to either can blow the other segment out of proportion, or giving too much to both puts her at the risk of burnout, mental and physical fatigue, complications in personal or professional relationships, and poor physical health.

Here are some tips for achieving a healthy work-life balance so that you can be a super mom while being a work hero:

Define Clear Boundaries

Establishing ground rules and boundaries can help minimize the overlap between your personal and professional lives. These boundaries may look like dedicating working hours (even while working from home) and responding to your emails within your dedicated working hours. Dedicating hours to quality family time with kids and the family and not letting the work interrupt that.

In most cases, the first case is more prominent, where the working hours usually overlap family time, primarily when you work from home. Allocating fixed hours can help you maintain a mindful routine and be fully present in both areas of your life.

Delicate What You Can

In my coaching experience, I see some women trying to do everything. Sometimes, it is the overestimation of their abilities; other times, they feel they are trying to be more financially responsible. If you are either of those, “Please Stop”. Acknowledge and appreciate yourself for the contribution you are already making to the family.

Delicate all that you can in your professional life. If you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, hire help to reduce your burden. And for working moms, hire service at home for all you can do: cleaning, cooking, nanny support, and all you need.

Don’t minimize your need for needing help.

Take Out Time for Self-care

Working moms often ignore their personal care as their schedule is packed with office agendas and their toddler’s needs. Make it a point to take some time out for yourself regularly, such as biweekly salon appointments, plan time to catch up with girlfriends, or go out for a nice meal with your partner to have adult conversations and reconnect with them.

This will help you to become grounded and be in touch with yourself as an individual.

Stay on Top of Your Schedule

Just like you mark your work meetings in your calendar, add your personal and family agendas to your calendar to stay organized and avoid getting overwhelmed. This could include OB/GYN appointments, salon bookings, family dinners, birthdays, friend meet-ups, etc.

Check your calendar daily, preferably at the night’s end, to see what’s on your schedule for tomorrow. This will allow you to plan better and stay organized even if you have to make some alterations to your day.

Lean on Your Partner

Don’t be shy to ask for help from your partner when you are running empty. Knowing that your partner is there for you strengthens the relationship with trust and accountability. Take time out to have one-on-one discussions with your partner. To review the responsibilities and how you guys can manage better.

Create a Support System

Make an effort to nourish healthy friendships and relationships in the family for a support system. Your support system is essential to your confidence and mental well-being and is vital for every woman.

It allows us a space to celebrate our wins. Helps with dealing with setbacks in life and in times when we need support and encouragement.

A work-life balance can support healthier relationships with self and others, more effectiveness at work and personal life, and higher levels of fulfillment.

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