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Will You Please Stop Standing in Your Own Way? (By Alma Wellbeing)

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears”- Les Brown

Have you ever genuinely noticed that the biggest obstacle in your growth is your FEAR and nothing else? Fear of losing, not being successful, or just not being good enough. Our mind plays many tricks on us. By listening to these fears we limit our belief system and get stuck in our comfort zone.

On a biological level, when people encounter something that frightens them, the hypothalamus in the brain reacts by releasing a series of chemicals to the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal-cortical system.

However, there are two ways to deal with such emotions:

You can let the brain control you


You can confront the brain, and rise above it.

Imagine yourself in a meditative state; in which you are not getting involved with your thoughts, you are just witnessing them with an unattached outcome.

Is This a Feeling or a Fact

Question yourself if what you are experiencing is a feeling or a fact? And if you find yourself being caught up in a negative thought consciously replace the thought with a positive thought. Remember, your thoughts are not you, your thoughts are just thoughts.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Ok! Yes, I hear you. No one likes to leave a comfy bed in the morning when you are all cozied up. Similarly, it’s hard to leave the old and start the new because we are so set in our ways and comfortable with where we are, even though we know there is a whole life waiting for us. It’s natural and it’s ok to feel discomfort when you are starting something new. Don’t allow this discomfort to push you to self-sabotage yourself and fall back into old patterns.

Heal, Heal, Heal

This goes without saying that our past experiences and traumas play a significant role in our current feelings of fear. Become aware of your insecurities and fears and allow yourself to heal. Be affectionate towards yourself, create a support group for yourself, get professional help, do whatever it takes for you to heal from that pain, and give yourself the love that you deserve

Be Amazing

When you start to live a life that is not governed by fear but is fueled by it, your life will transform in every way. So get ready to let go of the past and embrace the endless possibilities ahead of you.

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