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Sleep Well To Live Well - By Alma Wellbeing

Your guide to blissful sleep.

“Day is over, night has come. Today is gone, what’s done is done. Relax your soul & have a peaceful sleep.”

As we get older, quality sleep becomes more precious. A lack of peaceful sleep is directly related to mood, performance, creativity, and of course our skin.

It’s so easy to sleep-sabotage ourselves, especially in the age of tech and chronic stress that we live in. Not only is there an endless stream of news in the tiny device we keep on our person at all times, but while so many of us are working from home, “business hours” can get a little nebulous.

This is why it is essential to create a self-regulated routine that helps us to harness the ultimate rest that we deserve. If you are experiencing sleep troubles here are some tips that will help you to create an uninterrupted sleep pattern for yourself.

Wake-up At A Fixed Time

Some people can easily get away with waking up at different hours on the weekend but if you are already experiencing difficulties with your sleep it should not be your game plan. Regardless of what day of the week it is try to wake up at the same time (except for vacation) because fluctuating schedule keeps you from getting into a consistent sleep rhythm.

Prioritize Sleep

It can be tempting to skip sleep in order to work or play but it is indispensable to treat sleep as a priority. Calculate sleep hours based on your fixed wake-up time and do your best to be in bed ready to sleep around that time.

You can also use your IOS or Android device to manage your sleep schedule in Health App.

A Must To Do Nightly Routine

Follow a nightly routine religiously to reinforce in your mind that it’s bedtime. This could include: Changing into your pajamas.

Brushing your teeth.

Putting away your electronic devices.

Having lavender or chamomile tea or a glass of lukewarm milk.

Dimming the lights.

Perhaps listening to a meditation.

Reading a book or listening to calming music.

Take 30 - 45 minutes before your bedtime as a wind-down time to put yourself into that relaxed mental state.

The 20 Minutes Rule

Don’t toss and turn! having a positive connection between bed and being asleep is always helpful. If after 20 minutes of being in bed you are still awake, get up and stretch, read or do something else calming in dim light before laying down again.

Create Restful Environment For Optimal Sleep

Having a tranquil environment is extremely important for a good night’s sleep. Ensure that your pillows and mattress are comfortable enough to support healthy sleep. Use excellent bedding, set a cool yet comfortable temperature, block out the light and try some calming scents such as lavender.

Again any routine only works when it is followed consistently. While you don’t have to create a blueprint of these exact tips, but following them will definitely help you with improved sleep patterns.

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