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2 Steps To Clear Your Mind Of Unwanted Thoughts By Alma Wellbeing

A quick guide for clarity of mind.

“Only when you have the clarity of mind, you can know what you really want.”

One of the challenges of living in a highly stimulating environment is getting overwhelmed easily. We are bombarded with information every day and on top of it dealing with multiple situations doesn’t necessarily help.

On average each one of us thinks about 60,000 thoughts every day. Having to give attention to so many thoughts we are unable to focus on what is important or meaningful to us. Imagine being able to eliminate 59,997 thoughts so that you can focus on the 3 thoughts that truly resonate with you. Below are the 2 easy and quick exercises that will help you to center your thoughts and get rid of the excessive, unwanted thoughts. You can try these simple exercises anywhere at any time.

Focus Your Attention

  1. Close your eyes and sit or lay down in a comfortable poster.

  2. Move your awareness to the center of your head - the area behind your eyes and between your ears.

  3. Focus your attention there for a few moments.

  4. Notice how you feel.

Turn Down The Internal Noise

  1. Close your eyes and notice how active your mind is.

  2. Imagine there is a dial switch and turn it down slowly like a light dimmer.

  3. Notice how much more quiet your mind is.

  4. Move your awareness to the higher mind (behind the middle point of your eyebrows, near the back of your head).

  5. Observe your calm, clear and peaceful awareness.

Live well, live mindfully.

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