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What is Your First Next Step ?

Three Simple Steps to Help You Achieve Your Goals

It could feel frustrating when you know where you want to go but your destination stays just out of your reach.

If you are the one with a vision and despite all your efforts your dream is out of grasp here are few plugs that you could consider in improving your strategy


Simply the action of delaying or postponing something which sometimes might not even be visible at the surface, since every day you postpone your to do list until the next day or until next week but “Tomorrow Never Comes” one should take the plunge and should do today what needs to be done.

What to Do : However, to do what needs to be done today one needs to have a To-Do list with a timeline. Because once it’s in front of you, it is an easy reminder, one might get a little wobbly or side tracked for a while but the focus will remain on the main thing.


Both procrastination and routine could be interlinked as they work side by side if not in isolation. Following a routine that does not match one’s goal's requirement can cause delays not just in the achievement of the goal but also in taking steps towards your goal. It’s true that “the early bird catches the worm” however, there could be many more elements to your day to day routine that could appear to be unstructured and not aligned with your goal which could cause delays.

Solution : Set yourself a routine that compliments your goal. Breaking down your goal into steps and including those steps gradually in your routine where you stay consistent towards achieving your goal.


No matter at what career level we are or how mature we are in our personal lives we all need that one person who could guide us and support us in the direction where we want to go. Someone who could navigate the path towards our goal when we get side tracked and who helps us to keep our eye on the prize.

Where To Find that One Person : This one person can be a friend, a counselor, a coach, a therapist, a teacher or a guru. However, in some cases when people don’t have access to such as individuals, they tend to use that help from books and written material which is practically written for this specific purpose and is easily available through print or electronic media .

This leads us to the big question, what is First Next ?

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