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3 Simple Steps Meditation - "Give Your Self The Love You Deserve"

“In mindfulness practice, we are learning how to return to, and remain in, the present moment—to anchor ourselves in the here and now on purpose, without judgment”

Meditation can significantly improve the quality of our living: with meditation, we decrease our stress levels, connect with our core, understand ourselves and our pain better, improve our focus, and are kinder and more loving towards ourselves.

However, meditation requires patience and consistency. By adding a fifteen minutes meditation practice to your routine you can increment incredible lifestyle and mindfulness and reap richer rewards. While meditation isn’t a cure-all, it can certainly provide some much-needed space in your life.

Here are three simple steps to practice a very basic meditation:

Get Comfortable Physically

Choose a comfortable corner in your space away from all the distractions. You can either sit in a posture that is comfortable for you or you can lay down. If your body temperature is more on the chilly side you could use a blanket to make your experience more comfortable.

*Recommendation: If you are practicing meditation before sleeping I would suggest you do it in your bed while laying down. And seated position during morning time.

Focus On Your Breath

The next step is to close your eyes softly and focus on your breath. Notice the quality of your breath. Where do you feel your breath most? In your belly? In your nose? Is your breath deep or shallow? Keep your attention on your breath and nowhere else.

The State of Nirvana

Once you are in a relatively relaxed state of mind, start to focus on the rise of your belly as you inhale, and the fall of your belly as your exhale. Start to make your exhales longer than your inhales. Let the breath flow in every inch of your body and your spirit. Imagine inhaling positivity and goodness with each inhale and letting go of all that needs to be let go off with each exhale. And the deeper you exhale and let go, the more space you create for the positivity to come in.

*I usually ask my clients to imagine their breath as a soft ray of white light; traveling from the top of their head, all the way down to their feet. And filling-up each and every corner of their body internally.

Meditation is part of self-care and as we are always busy taking care of so many things and people around us in our lives, we deserve to give ourselves a chance to take the space that can help us to nourish our mind soul, and body.

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