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That Time Of The Year In a Strange Land

How to survive holidays without feeling lonely. If you are single and living abroad the chances are holidays can get lonely without family. Well, the good news is that you are not alone in this!. Especially if you are living in the UAE where 89% of the population consists of expats. You will find many people within your social circle who are away from their families and are unable to travel because of the Covid19 situation. Holidays are no fun without our loved ones but one c

Let’s Get You Out Of Your Blues - By Alma Wellbeing

A 5 steps simple guide for mindful living We all experience that stuck in the funk feeling once in a while, where we can’t quite possibly point out exactly what’s bothering us and yet we don’t feel at our best. Sometimes we are able to shake off our blues but other times we are stuck in it because we are constantly circling around the same thoughts. Here are some tips that will help you to shift your mood so you can break the funk cycle and rediscover your inner peace. When i

Why does this always happen to me?! By Alma Wellbeing

A guide to becoming more flexible in your thinking. Do you ever find yourself stuck in similar thoughts or emotions and you keep asking yourself, why does this always happen to me?! Well, you are not the only one that this is happening to and neither is it happening over and over again. It is merely your response to certain situations and your perspective that is unchanged. Our subconscious is more powerful than what we imagine for it to be and usually it is running the show.

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